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Over 5 years of consistent golf betting excellence
with a 24% Return On Investment dating back to 2018!

PGA Profit members having been reaping the rewards of this award winning service for nearly 5 years, with 2022 already exceeding expectations!
You’d think with 7 winners in 2021 and a ridiculous ROI of over 50% that 2022 would see PGA Profit take a backward step. But with three winning bets in the month of May in the form of Max Homa (45/1), Justin Thomas (16/1), and Sam Burns (33/1) have contributed to a 170 point profit at 43% ROI just 5 months into the year.


That’s what PGA Profit’s golf tips can do for you. In the last 12 months alone you would have bagged winners at 66/1 (returned £2,010), 65/1 (returned £1,930), 60/1 (returned £1,850), 50/1 (returned £1,593) and A WHOPPING 100/1 (returned £3,050). An that doesn’t include all the Each-Way returns!

All in all golf is one of the most underrated sports to bet on. You place money on a game of football, and you have 90 minutes of ups and downs. You place money on a golfer, and you’ll have 4 days on excitement, not to mention the last day when a player is in contention, and you’re willing in every putt. The average winning odds on golfers are considerably higher than those in football, rugby, cricket or even horse racing. I mean, in what other sport will you be bagging regular winners at an average of 54/1!!!


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What if you could create a second source of income, simply by placing a handful of golf bets once a week, taking just 10 to 15 minutes! That’s correct, all it takes is a matter a minutes each week, to be landing winners worth hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds.

Imagine what that extra income could do for you?!?

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Better Value On Exchanges

The reality is that you can often obtain much better value from placing golf bets on the betting exchanges than with bookmakers, especially in the markets utilised by PGA Profit. For example, our recent winners, Patrick Reed, Daniel Berger, and Max Homa were advised at 25/1, 18/1, and 66/1, but yet could have been backed on Betfair exchange at 40/1, 22/1, and 100/1, which would have seen a massive increase in already astronomical profits! Time and time again, you see much better value on the exchanges for PGA Profit’s selections.

Ideal For ‘Restricted’ Bettors

Betting exchanges also do not restrict you if winning too much money from your bets – making golf betting ideal for restricted punters. The fact golf betting is a 4 day event and there is lots of liquidity on the exchanges also ensures that bookmakers don’t get too twitchy about restricting your account if you back a big golf winner with them.


So, all of this sounds great, but how do you know you can trust me? Well, this is where my friends at Smart Betting Club come in. To help prove the legitimacy of my service, I began emailing all of my selections too them for independent verification back in 2018. Smart Betting Club has been reviewing tipsters services for over 14 years, helping the every day punter to sieve through the rubbish, lies and scammers.

In January 2020 the Smart Betting Club publicised their annual awards, of which I’m proud to announce PGA Profit was not only nominated, but the recipient of 3 awards, displayed proudly below.

Gold - Best Sports Tipster
Silver - Best Tipster Newcomer
Bronze - Best Overall Tipster

We then backed this up in 2021 by yet again being awarded Gold, as the Best Sports Tipster!

Furthermore, to show that I have nothing to hide, you can find a full list of every selection, by visiting my Hall of Fame.


Whilst being a maths geek at a younger age wasn’t very cool, it’s certainly had it’s advantages later in life, allowing me to construct various algorithms that aid me in my pursuit of golf betting perfection.

I use various statistics, such as driving distance, driving accuracy, putting average, G.I.R (greens in regulation percentage), strokes gained, ball striking, etc. At first it was difficult at first to find these, but as golf betting, along with the internet grew, it has become a lot easier, reaching a point now where I have over 5 years of data from each venue on the PGA Tour, an absolute goldmine of information. This, alongside another algorithm that calculates the strengths a player needs to succeed on any given course, when run against every active player on the PGA Tour in those key areas, gives me a shortlist of names going into an event.

Besides my mathematical approach, I also leave no stone unturned when it comes to my knowledge of each and every golfer in the field. For example – I know who’s just had a baby, when it’s their birthday, or if they’ve changed caddies or equipment. All of which (and much more besides) can affect them going into the start of a tournament each Thursday, and therefore impacts just who you should bet or not!

As my selections are more based upon numbers than pure opinion, I am not afraid to back guys who have never won on the PGA Tour before. In fact, over the last 5 years, I have selected 9 guys that have claimed their maiden tour victory, when most ‘pundits’ were saying it was too soon for them to get inside the winners circle.


So, by now you’re asking yourself how can you get involved with these big priced winners? Well, it’s pretty simply, you can either sign-up directly through this website – Sign-Up or head on over to Smart Betting Club to find out even more information and complete the sign-up process.